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Kybella is a injectable treatment used to reduce excess chin fat. Are you bothered by the appearance of excess fat beneath your chin and the loss of youthful definition at your jawline? Even a small amount of fat accumulation beneath your chin will alter your entire facial appearance. This issue is known as “submental fullness,” commonly referred to as a double chin.

One of the most frustrating things about submental fullness is that you do not need to be overweight to develop fatty deposits that mar your appearance. Weight gain can result in fat accumulation, but other factors such as aging, sun damage, hormone loss and your genetic makeup play a role. Some people may not experience submental fullness until the 40s or 50s, while others may have had a noticeable double-chin throughout their lives. Dr. O’Connell offers some of the most natural results in Kybella.

How to Resolve a Double Chin Without Surgery: Kybella

Reducing submental fullness can be a real challenge. Eating a proper diet and exercising regularly are effective methods for losing weight, but they are not an effective way to precisely target the fat under your chin. Surgical procedures like liposuction can be used to drain away the fat, but many people are uncomfortable with surgery and are searching for a non-surgical solution to their double-chin issue.
The Unique Power of Kybella
Kybella is a revolutionary product that exemplifies just how far science and medicine have come in the world of non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Its formula has been expertly engineered to specifically target and reducing submental fullness. Kybella’s special formula includes a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a substance that is naturally found within the body.

Deoxycholic acid is responsible for helping to break down dietary fat cells so that they can be absorbed and then discarded by the body. It is this function that makes deoxycholic acid the ideal choice for reducing submental fullness. In addition to this, the treated fat cells are reduced in number by the deoxycholic acid, so the slimming effect is for a lifetime. Kybella is a lasting solution to your submental fat issues.

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The Treatment Process

Prior to your Kybella treatment, the area under your chin will be closely examined to determine the extent of the accumulated fat. This information will be used to determine how many injections will be needed and where the injections should be placed. The number of injections needed will vary between people based on the amount of fat in the area and the patient’s aesthetic goals.

Your Custom Treatment at Serenity Rejuvenation Center

Multiple Kybella treatments may be required to achieve the slimming result. Patients with a higher amount of excess fat and those who want more dramatic results will greatly benefit from additional Kybella treatments. Because Kybella is a non-surgical treatment, there is no lengthy recovery period. You will likely experience some bruising, swelling, redness, and numbness under the chin. These issues will subside over the next few weeks.

Arrange a Consultation

Our medical director, Dr. Stephen O’Connell, has been certified to administer Kybella injections and can provide you with personalized treatment to reduce your double chin. If Kybella sounds like the solution to your aesthetic issues, contact Serenity Rejuvenation Center to schedule a consultation.

If you are looking to dramatically improve the appearance and profile of moderate to severe fat beneath your chin, this noninvasive, nonsurgical procedure can produce results. The team at Serenity Rejuvenation Center will work with you to create a more contoured, more lifted, younger and more attractive facial contour.

Am I a good candidate?

Kybella treatments can be appropriate for many patients. A few important things to note when considering Kybella:

- Treatments work well on submental fat, rather than weight-related fat. If you would like to reduce excess fat in other areas, CoolSculpting may be a better option.
- Those who have good skin elasticity are less likely to be left with excess sagging skin.
- It’s an excellent choice if you are uncomfortable with surgery or have a medical condition that does not allow for surgery.
- There is virtually no downtime; a great option for those who need to return to their daily activities quickly.
- If you are pregnant, you must postpone your procedure.

Serenity Rejuvenation Center: Where Your Quality of Life Matters to Us.

When you arrive for your treatment, Kybella will be administered in our relaxing office in Bellevue. Our team will walk you through the steps, and the procedure itself should take approximately 15-20 minutes. The area of your chin will be cleansed, and injections areas marked. The procedure is not painful but can be uncomfortable as you will feel a pinching sensation with each injection.

The injections, usually 10 – 30 depending on the severity of your submental fullness, will include a lidocaine anesthetic. Swelling typically peaks 24 hours post-treatment and can last several days to three weeks. This is normal; the swelling is caused by the active medication working to break down the fat cells. If you have any concerns, be sure to give us a call.

The process can seem slow, with results taking four to eight weeks. Don’t let this discourage you – the results are well worth it. Once the fat cells begin to dissolve, your chin will slowly become smoother and more sculpted. Kybella can produce striking improvements that are truly long-lasting.

Go with Experience

The success of the Kybella procedure can largely depend on the experience of the medical professional performing it. Dr. O’Connell is a highly-respected medical doctor. As a Board-Certified doctor by the America Board of Medical Specialties, Dr. O’Connell is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) – a medical specialty that aims to improve health, restore functional ability, reduce pain and enhance the quality of life.
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