If you’ve ever considered a facelift but wondered if there was a less invasive way to achieve a more youthful appearance, then a liquid facelift may be your answer. A liquid facelift is a non-surgical, customized procedure that features a combination of carefully selected cosmetic injectables. Our liquid facelift technique reduces lines and wrinkles while adding softness and fullness to key areas of your face for a fresh, revitalized appearance. 

How does a liquid facelift work?

While individual injectables like Juvéderm and BOTOX can work beautifully alone, together they can achieve dramatic, longer-lasting results. A combination of injectables can soften lines and strategically plump areas of your face.

What areas of the face can be enhanced with a liquid facelift? 

While the goal of a liquid facelift is overall rejuvenation, we achieve this goal by focusing on your specific areas of concern. Often, these areas will significantly benefit from a combination of injectables, rather than just one. For example, when targeting forehead lines and wrinkles, the smoothing effects of BOTOX can prolong and maximize the plumping and softening results of Juvéderm.

Areas that can benefit from a combination of injectables include:

  • Forehead and temples
  • Hollows under eyes
  • Eyebrows
  • Areas surrounding the nose and mouth
  • Lips
  • Jowls, jawline, and chin

What injectables are used in a liquid facelift?

Dr. Stephen O’Connell carefully tailors your liquid facelift to your specific needs using a selection from three types of injectables. 

  • Juvéderm is an ideal solution for artfully contouring and restoring subtle volume to areas of that face that have been negatively impacted by wrinkles, folds, sagging, or hollowness. 
  • BOTOX relaxes and restricts the movement of facial muscles to lessen lines and wrinkles across the forehead, around the eyes, between the eyebrows and around the mouth. 
  • Kybella is a targeted solution for submental fullness – a double chin. Kybella works by breaking down fat cells, melting them away, restoring a more youthful jawline definition.

What are the results of a liquid facelift?

Results of a liquid facelift depend on your individual goals and may be subtle or a dramatic change. A liquid facelift cannot duplicate the full effects of a surgical facelift, but it can significantly enhance your appearance. In the days and weeks that follow your procedure, you’ll notice an increasingly younger, softer complexion. Results can last from six months to two years.

Am I a good candidate for a liquid facelift?

Bothersome wrinkles, lines, deep creases, sagging, and sunken areas can all be addressed with a liquid facelift. If your areas of concern do not necessitate a surgical facelift or you are hoping to avoid more invasive procedures, a liquid facelift is a wonderful option to consider.Because this is a highly customized procedure and can have a significant effect on your appearance, finding an expert who will create a very natural look is paramount. If you are curious about whether you’re a candidate for a liquid facelift, we encourage you to contact us. Our team at Serenity Rejuvenation focuses on your unique wellness and beauty goals and will help you chart a path to confidence.