If you have hair growing in all the wrong places, you may be wondering if it is worth getting laser hair removal. In general, the answer is yes – if you are constantly dealing with excess hair on your face, back, underarms, bikini zone, arms, legs… or virtually any area of your body. The first step is a private consultation to determine if the quantity, color, and density of the unwanted hair you have is appropriate for laser hair removal treatments.

Does laser hair removal work for everyone?

The ideal candidate for laser hair removal has a quantity of darker hairs, and lighter skin, although the most advanced laser systems are far more effective, working on people with tanned or dark skin. At Serenity Rejuvenation, we can evaluate your skin and hair and advise you how many treatments we believe you will need, and what to expect in results. 

Laser hair removal – save time, and money in the long run!

One of the beautiful things about laser hair removal is the savings over time. The cost of the treatment is obviously higher than waxing, but you can expect to undergo waxing treatments every month or six weeks (sometimes sooner) for the rest of your life – it adds up. With laser hair removal, you undergo a series of treatments, after which the hair follicles can no longer produce hair. You may need an occasional touch-up, but you are essentially free from an excess of unwanted hair for the long term.

Why you need several treatments

Your hair is always in a specific phase of growth. To damage the follicles, they must be treated by the laser when in the growth phase. To treat as many as possible requires several sessions as if the follicle is in the dormant phase, it cannot be seen and then treated with the laser energy. Even then, a few could be missed, or a follicle could regenerate, but typically, the hair produced is much thinner and finer as the follicle is damaged. You can expect minor hair regrowth, but a touch-up session every year is likely all that you will need going forward. 

Serenity Rejuvenation: Laser hair removal at its best.

Imagine being free of unwanted hair, and no longer needing to shave, wax, or pluck. Laser hair removal at Serenity Rejuvenation is performed under the care of Dr. Stephen O’Connell, our board-certified medical doctor. Dr. O’Connell has dedicated his professional career to improving quality of life through modern medicine, and offers advanced laser hair removal at his private, luxury clinic in Bellevue. 

You will feel comfortable and cared for throughout your treatments. If you have questions about laser hair removal, please visit with us so we can evaluate the thickness and color, and where it is growing on your face or body, and give you an honest answer about whether we recommend laser hair removal as the best treatment for you.