I have received 3 Picosure facials at Serenity Rejuvenation. Dr. O’Connell is kind and respectful. The office is clean and bright and the staff is attentive and friendly. I really appreciate Dr. O’Connell because he listens to my concerns, remembers my preferences, and is careful with my skin. Due to his laser skills and suggestions for treating the sunspots and dark pigment on my face, I have seen great results! I feel blessed to have found Serenity Rejuvenation.

Sarah V. | Jan 26, 2023

This laser tattoo removal service is top of the line and has sincerely helped to improve my health as well as my overall sense of wellbeing, happiness, mental clarity and long-term focus. It is such a blessing to have this service available; it has permanently changed my life for the better. Professional and outstanding service every time. Certainly, a wonderful place to recommend to everyone valuing long-term health and happiness.

Hillary M. | Jan 13, 2023

Very nice office. Appointment time was honored and provider explained procedure which was helpful.

Elizabeth C. | Aug 15, 2022

Well, I am just at the beginning of the process to remove my tattoo. However, I can say the team at Serenity is kind, seeks to inform. They are patient and flexible. The tattoo removal treatment is quick. I thought it was pretty painless compared to getting a tattoo or other hospital related experiences that I have had. I am looking forward to good results once the process is complete.

Victoria L. | Aug 11, 2022
5 / 5
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