Kybella Guide Part 2 – Kybella Vs Liposuction – Which is Better?

Aug 18, 2016

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Kybella Guide Part 2 – Kybella Vs Liposuction – Which is Better?


Since Kybella has become such a popular treatment for eliminating chin fat, many people now wonder which is better – liposuction or Kybella. Both can be used to get rid of chin fat but they work in different ways. With liposuction the fat is actually sucked out of the treated area, whereas with Kybella, the active ingredient helps to gradually melt the fat naturally within the body.

Below is a comparison of the two treatments in key areas.

CostWhere cost is concerned, there often isn’t a huge amount of difference between Kybella and chin liposuction. Although Kybella doesn’t require any invasive surgery, it still requires a great deal of skill to administer and is usually done over multiple sessions. Therefore the cost of Kybella can often be equal to that of liposuction.

EffectivenessBoth Kybella and liposuction are effective at treating chin fat. The big thing to consider when deciding on whether to get liposuction or Kybella is the elasticity of your skin. With liposuction, it may sometimes be easier to get rid of any loose skin left behind since the treatment is already invasive. This is not the case with Kybella so it’s something to consider.

DowntimeOne of the biggest advantages Kybella has over liposuction is that it’s not surgery and therefore there is no downtime. There can be some reactions to the injections, such as redness, swelling and bruising but they usually subside quickly and don’t prevent you from going about day-to-day activities. The downtime with liposuction is much more significant.

Risk of complicationsAgain, this is another area where Kybella has the advantage. Complications with injectable treatments are very rare, particularly when performed by a fully licensed health care professional. The risks associated with both Kybella and liposuction can be greatly reduced by having your treatment performed at a reputable clinic by a surgeon with plenty of experience.


Overall both Kybella and liposuction are excellent options to help treat unwanted chin fat. Which is best for you will depend largely on your preference and also the advice of your surgeon. For example if you cannot afford to take time off work then Kybella will probably be the better solution. On the other hand, if you have a lot of loose skin on your neck then liposuction will allow for this to be removed much more easily.

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