Don’t Live With Tattoo Regret: Removal Has Never Been Easier

Jan 05, 2023

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Don’t Live With Tattoo Regret: Removal Has Never Been Easier

recent poll found that nearly half of young adults have one or more tattoos, and about one in four of those people regret getting at least one of them. When you regret your ink, you don’t really care if it’s a common experience. You just want your tattoo gone — quickly, painlessly, and completely.

At Serenity Rejuvenation Center in Bellevue, Washington, Dr. Stephen O’Connell and our team rely on the PicoSure® picosecond laser for tattoo removal. We use PicoSure because it offers state-of-the-art tattoo removal that does the job far faster — and far better — than other tattoo removal systems.

PicoSure uses pressure, not heat

Unlike traditional tattoo-removal lasers, which use heat and light energy to break up ink particles, PicoSure relies on mechanics: each “zap” lasts just scant trillionths of a second, or picoseconds.

The PicoSure PressureWave energy bursts are so fast that there’s no time for heat to build up. Instead, the power of the blasts makes the ink particles in your tattoo vibrate so quickly they shatter.

Because the laser’s energy targets the ink without generating significant heat, your skin isn’t at risk of burning (as it might be with other laser devices). After your tattoo is fully removed, you can expect your skin to look as good as it did before you got a tattoo. Maybe even better.

PicoSure also stimulates collagen

Even though the heat in the PicoSure device isn’t significant enough to harm skin, the heat and mechanical energy are sufficient to trigger a healing and rebuilding response. In addition to its use as a tattoo removal system, PicoSure is renowned as a skin rejuvenator. 

The unexpected advantage of your tattoo removal treatment with PicoSure is that you’ll notice the treated skin seems smoother, healthier, and more resilient than it did before. 

Healthy skin not only looks better, it provides a great structural canvas for a new tattoo, if that’s the direction you’d like to take. In fact, the PicoSure platform was named the “Best Multitasking Laser” in the 2021 NewBeauty Awards

PicoSure works on all ink colors and skin tones

You may have been told that your skin is too dark or too light for safe tattoo removal. With PicoSure, skin tone isn’t an issue. We simply adjust the wavelength to account for the amount of melanin in your skin.

We also adjust the device so we can remove all kinds of inks, from the darkest to the lightest. PicoSure effectively targets hard-to-treat blue, green, and black inks. We can remove old tattoos and new ones, too (as long as they’ve healed sufficiently). 

See clear, tattoo-free skin in no time flat

Many laser tattoo removal systems take at least 10 treatments before your skin is clear. With PicoSure’s groundbreaking technology, you may completely remove a tattoo in just three to six sessions.

Although you feel a “zap” when the energy hits your skin, it’s light enough that you may not need an anesthetic. However, we’re happy to apply a topical agent that dulls the sensation of tattoo removal. With PicoSure, most tattoo removal sessions last just 10-15 minutes each

Start the new year with a clean slate — remove that unwanted tattoo easily, safely, and effectively by booking a PicoSure tattoo removal session today. Call us at 425-644-5560 or use our online contact form to request an appointment any time. 

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